AREIAC is an organisation for specialist educationalists, all qualified teachers, providing advice, challenge, leadership, training and support for multi-faith religious education in schools and colleges.

It is a conduit supporting the trainers / leaders / advisers of RE and the home of expertise for anybody involved in the teaching of RE.


It has an organising committee and regional groups which meet to share and develop resources, to support teachers and to discuss national issues around excellent religious education.

Festival Dates - Autumn 2020


  • Martydom Guru Tech Bahadur (Sikhism) - 24th

  • Advent Sunday (Christianity) - 29th

  • Birthday of Guru Nanak (Sikhism) - 30th

  • St Andrew's Day (Christian) - 30th


  • Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary (Christian) - 8th

  • Bodhi Day (Buddhism) - 8th

  • Human Right's Day (National) - 10th 

  • Start of Hunukah (Judaism) - 11th

  • Winter Solstice (Paganism) - 21st

  • Christmas Eve (Christian) - 24th

  • Christmas Day (Christian) - 25th

  • Zaratosht No Diso (Zorastrian) - 26th

  • Omisoka (Japanese) - 31st

  • Hogmany (National) - 31st 

The dates for the calendar are provided by the Shap Working Party ( where you can order your own festival wallchart or eCal


  • New Resources (Members): Support for teaching controversial issues see resource section

  • Autumn Newsletter: The Autumn Newsletter can be accessed (members only) from this link

  • NEW: All AREIAC members are very warmly welcomed to our first online, 'Reading and Discussion' group meeting on Thursday 19th November from 7pm. We will be discussing pages 11-90 of 'Reforming RE: Power and Knowledge in a Worldviews Curriculum' by Mark Chater. To join, email

  • COMING SOON: New password for 'Members' Only' areas of the website. Subscription invoices have been sent out, and once paid you will be sent the new password once it's changed. 


Please see the RESources section for some advice on working from home and support documents.

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