The research sub-group is headed up by Dr Pat Hannam. Pat is the county adviser for RE for Hampshire and has published widely in the field of Religious Education and the public sphere. She has a particular interest in and expertise in philosophical enquiry working nationally and internationally in this field. Pat is interested in engaging with those doing research in RE as well as those interested in becoming involved in research.

What is research in RE?

Research in RE aims to explore how the teaching of faiths and worldviews can be undertaken in classrooms from Early Years to Sixth Form. It explores using a range of methodologies approaches to the teaching of RE and the impact of this teaching on the knowledge, understanding and experiences of the young people in these spaces. It seeks to explore and understand but not to judge the teaching and learning that takes place and to offer thoughts, suggestions and evidence to those who deliver this teaching. 

Some further links / support

The ResearchforRE site is a digital and social knowledge exchange tool. This aims to overcome the barriers teachers face in engaging with relevant research by making emergent re-related research freely available in an easily accessible and relevant format that can be quickly understood and appropriately used.

The British Journal of Religious Education (BJRE) is an international peer-reviewed journal which has a pedigree stretching back to 1934 when it began life as Religion in Education. In 1961 the title was changed to Learning for Living, and the present title was adopted in 1978. It is the leading journal in Britain for the dissemination of international research in religion and education and for the scholarly discussion of issues concerning religion and education internationally.

The Journal of Beliefs & Values: studies in religion and education is an international peer reviewed journal. It began life in 1970 as the Religious Studies Bulletin of the Association of Teachers in Colleges and Departments of Education, becoming in 1976 the Religious Studies Bulletin of the National Association of Teachers and Lecturers in Higher Education, then in 1979 the Journal of Beliefs & Values: studies in religion and education. It is affiliated to the Association of University Lecturers in Religion and Education, but maintains editorial independence.

With so much technical information about research methods it is easy to lose sight of the bigger picture of why we carry out educational research and where and how research might contribute to the improvement of education. Educational Research: An Unorthodox Introduction steps you through the wider social and political contexts of educational research, focusing on fundamental questions such as what education actually 'is' and what it is for. In doing so, the book raises questions that more 'orthodox' introductions to the theory and practice of educational research often leave aside.






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