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East of England

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Jan and Ruth and the join regional leads for the East of England.

The East of England region

The East of England Region of a large geographic area (Norfolk, Suffolk, Essex, CambridgeshireBedfordshire, Hertfordshire, Lincolnshire). 

Welcome to the eastern AREIAC group. With exciting research, school projects, collaborations, curriculum developments, Farmington scholarships and more there is so much to share and be excited by. Do come and join us.


We do hope that you are all well and that you are enjoying the late summer days. Time has rushed by, and we are due to meet virtually on Thursday 21st September 4.30-6,00pm. AREIAC Regional Meetings in the Eastern Region are always virtual on zoom. All members are welcome even if outside of the region. Come and join us! Contact  Jan McGuire


Agenda for the next meeting


  1. Welcome and catch up - members give a brief update on their work, support required from fellow members

  2. Agreement of last minutes

  3. National update

  4. Regional updates from members

  5. Focus for discussion: Humanist Court Ruling / AREIAC EXEC invitation for us to host a SEND event similar to the Early Years event - webinar master class

  6. Setting meeting dates for the academic year- and meeting focus/ guest speakers/ readings 

  7. We look forward to catching up with you all

Warmest wishes


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