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Midlands - Members' Profiles




Sue has a range of teaching experience across the primary phase where she worked as a RE Subject Leader with responsibility on the SLT for coordinating collective worship & religious education for over 17 years.


Sue is very committed to supporting teachers in delivering good quality RE and collective worship primarily within a church school setting, but she also works extensively in the community school sector. Through school based support and Inset courses she is keen to enable and empower teachers to meet the requirements of any locally agreed or Diocesan syllabus in such a way, that makes the subject practical, exciting and fun whilst ensuring it makes a direct impact on children’s learning. She is also a REQM Assessor and has worked with some ITT students and MAT.


Sue is particularly enthusiastic about the unique contribution RE makes to the development of the spiritual and moral side of a child’s life and seeks to encourage teachers to embed the subject as an important and essential part of the curriculum especially relevant for preparing pupils for life in today’s modern Britain.




Lizzie is an independent SIAMS Consultant (Inspector, Tutor, Trainer and Critical Reader); an REQM Assessor. the East region representative for Military Wives Choirs and a Member of the Iona and Northumbria Communities.




Bill is an experienced teacher of 15 years before becoming an adviser for a further 15 years and who has spent the last 5 years combining the two roles, embedding his advisory work in current experience in the classroom. He sees education as a process of our humanisation and RE as having a unique role to play within this. He has a reputation for engaging and thought-provoking training and professional development and for a positive but challenging approach to professional support.


Bill has wide experience in RE, PSHE and teaching and learning. He works with three SACREs and has been Chair of both NASACRE and the Association of RE Inspectors, Advisers and Consultants (AREIAC), working nationally with other organisations and agencies. He is particularly interested in values and creativity to engage children and young people in their education. He works with teachers at all stages in their careers to develop thinking, questioning and challenge, adapting P4C approaches as well as drama and ‘conceptual creativity.


Bill offers subject specialism combined with breadth from other aspects of leadership and pedagogy. He also happens to be a Morris Dancer, but please do not let that put you off!


Fiona MOSS


Fiona is a primary specialist. Before joining RE Today as National RE Adviser she was a primary teacher for 15 years and then the RE and SACRE Curriculum Adviser for Leicester City council. She also advised in other areas such as SEAL, Literacy, and Gifted and Talented. She has written and edited a variety of publications designed to support primary RE teachers, including Agreed Syllabuses and curriculum resources.

She is currently the Editor of RE Today’s Primary RE series 'Inspiring RE', edited 'RE Ideas' and 'Opening up RE', has co-written 'Body & Soul', a relationship education resource for 9-11 year olds and has edited 'Share a Story with...' for 4-7 year olds. She was also one of the writers for the Understanding Christianity resource.


She trains hundreds of teachers each year in schools and through our consultancy service she works with local authorities and dioceses across the country and worldwide. Fiona is also the Chief Executive Officer for NATRE, and is well-known in this context for her support of local groups of teachers, and her involvement in RE at a national level, lobbying to the government to support RE.




Lesley is an experienced teacher, trainer and adviser. She currently works one day a week as the RE Adviser with the Diocese of Peterborough. She also works as an Independent Learning Adviser (Lesley Pollard Learning) carrying out Safeguarding training and audits for a variety of providers as well as for individual schools. 


Lesley previously worked as the RE Adviser with the School Improvement Service at Northamptonshire County Council for 13 years and has also worked as an associate lecturer with the University of Northampton.




With a background of teaching in the Primary and Higher Education sectors, both ITT and CPD, Jill has long been an advocate of religious education and collective worship. She leads training in these areas, for headteachers, teachers and clergy, as well as serving on four Standing Advisory Councils on Religious Education (SACREs).  Prizing the character of Church schools, Jill provides training and support to colleagues in developing and maintaining their distinctiveness, as well as managing the Section 48 Inspections (SIAMS).

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