Trans-Pennine (East and West)

Christine HOWARD

Christine is the regional lead for the Trans-Pennine region.

The Trans-Pennine (East) region

The Trans-Pennine (East) regions of AREIAC covers the North-East of England from Berwick to Newcastle and across to the Pennines. Meetings take place with the Trans-Pennine (West) group.

Our termly meeting took place, via Zoom, on April 30th, 2020.


We were able to welcome some members who were not normally able to join us due to time limitations. Christine reported back on the executive meeting, which was also held via Zoom and then we received the regional reports


It was felt that it had been useful to meet up via Zoom and one advantage had been that some members who are not normally able to attend meetings because of time constraints or other commitments were able to join in. We will consider this as an option for some future meetings even after lock down as virtual meetings cut down on travel time.


Our next meeting, via Zoom, will be on 17th June, 2020 at 14.30. 


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