Dilwyn HUNT

Dilwyn is the regional lead for the Midlands.


The Midlands region

The Midlands Region of AREIAC covers Birmingham and the surrounding counties including including the Home Counties north of London.  

The meeting of the Midlands AREIAC RE Advisers took place on the 10th December 2020.  We discussed how schools in the region were coping with Covid-19, the initiative to have an AREIAC reading group and we had a preliminary discussion about documents that have become available which attempt to clarify the position adopted in the CoRE's 2018 Final Report regarding curriculum content.  Also on the agenda was the comment made at the REC's recent SRGM which was that Ofsted does not report on non-compliance.  Also on the agenda was Ofsted's reporting on age related learning and the expectation that over time there should be a clear build up of knowledge. 

​The next meeting of the group will again be an online meeting up will take place on Tuesday, the 9th of March, 2021.