London and the South - East


Claire is ​the regional lead for London and the South-East.

The London and South-East region

The London and South-East Region of AREIAC covers all the London Boroughs as well as the counties of Kent, Surrey, Hampshire, West and East-Sussex.

We had, as ever, a packed meeting virtually on zoom on the 26th November, 2020!

We all appreciated being able to ‘see’ each other and discuss the recent Theos report on ‘Religion and worldviews’. Justine Ball gave an overview of the REC’s worldviews literature report and we as advisers split into 4 groups to consider the points raised in more detail. Points made: As advisers we felt that our job was to help teachers navigate this in intelligent ways and to help them consider what is on their RE curriculum. Here, the question of who owns the content and who decides was discussed by several groups.


The importance of a robust pedagogy was stated as essential for this so that there was rigor in the teaching and selection of content. 


In addition, Lesley Prior provided us two useful links: Equality in RE document from the Runnymede Trust and Signposts teacher training information and advice

Our next meeting will be on the 23rd February, 2021






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