Gill Vaisey

Gill is the regional lead for the Wales region.

The Wales region

The Wales Region of AREIAC covers Wales.

The AREIAC members in Wales do not currently hold specific meetings as an AREIAC region.  Many colleagues, do however, meet regularly at various other termly meetings such as WASACRE full meetings and Executive meetings and NAPfRE.

The main focus of RE development in Wales is currently centred around the new curriculum due to be implemented in September 2022.  Within the new curriculum, religious education will be included as part of the Humanities Area of Learning and Experience.  In addition, each Local Authority will continue to be required to adopt and Agreed Syllabus for Religious Education or Religion, Values and Ethics as it might be named from 2022.  It is hoped that all Agreed Syllabuses in Wales will be based on the Framework which is being produced by Welsh Government for consideration by Agreed Syllabus Conferences.

For an update on the situation in Wales, please refer to

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