AREIAC is an organisation for specialist educationalists, all qualified teachers, providing advice, challenge, leadership, training and support for multi-faith religious education in schools and colleges.

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Upcoming Events: May

  • Baha'i: Ann of the Dec of the Bab, 23rd
  • Zoro: Zaratosht No Diso, 25th
  • Islam: Prophet's Night Journey, 27th
  • Christian: Ascension Day, 29th
  • Baha'i: Ann of the Ascension of the Baha'u'llah, 29th

Upcoming Events: June

  • Chinese: Dragon Boat Festival, 2nd
  • Jewish: Shauvot, 4th
  • Christian: Pentecost (Western) , 8th
  • Christian: Pentecost (Eastern) , 8th
The dates for the events are provided by the Shap Working Party - you can order the festival wallchart
Celebrating RE
Celebrating RE
Celebrating RE
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The RE review: A number of public events are taking place to lauch the revew - more details

YouGov survey says public backs high quality RE: New research reflects public endorsement for high quality Religious Education (RE) in our schools - more

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