AREIAC is an organisation for specialist educationalists, all qualified teachers, providing advice, challenge, leadership, training and support for multi-faith religious education in schools and colleges.

It has an organising committee and regional groups which meet to develop resources, support teachers and lobby government for excellent religious education.

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  • Rastafarian: Ethiopian New Year, 11th
  • Muslim: Hajj, 11th-15th
  • Muslim: Eid-Ul-Adha, 13th
  • Buddhist: Rabbit in the Moon, 15th
  • Jewish: Sukkot, 17th-24th
  • Japanese: Higan, 20th
  • Muslim: The Festival of the pool, 21st
  • Pagan: Autumn Equinox, 22nd
  • Secular: Michaelmas, 29th


  • Zoro: Jashn-e-Mehergan, 1st
  • Hindu: Naarati, 1-9th
  • Hindu: Gandhi Jayanti, 2nd
  • Jewish: Rosh Hashanah, 3rd-4th
  • Muslim: New Year / Al Hihra 1438
  • Hindi: Durga Puja, 7th
  • Buddhist: Picnin in a High place, 9th
The dates for the events are provided by the Shap Working Party - order your own festival wallchart
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