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Sue is the regional lead for the North-East region. 

The North-East region

The North-East Region of AREIAC covers the area north of the Humber and up to Newcastle and East of the Pennines.

The group is still meeting on Zoom in Spring 2022, so instead of being there in person as planned, we had a virtual tour of the North East Religious Learning Resources Centre with Karenza Passmore, the Director, and some of her colleagues.  The Centre is split between two sites in Durham and North Shields.

The centre is the largest religious resources centre in England, and we found out how it can support teachers and schools across the whole country; there is a huge searchable database of a total of 37,000 resources, all for a modest annual subscription.


The next AREIAC Northern Network will be on Monday 5th June at 4pm. It will be on line at

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