Sue is the regional lead for the North-East region. 

The North-East region

The North-East Region of AREIAC covers the area north of the Humber and up to Newcastle and East of the Pennines.

At our meeting in November we continued our discussions around the 'decolonising' of the curriculum, with contributions from Wendy who practices Buddhism locally and Katie Gooch, who has been spearheading some approaches to the teaching of worldviews in her own school in the Eastern region - a 'worldview' that engages with religion.  We considered some of the questions around engaging with 'the sacred' and taking sacred objects out of their faith context into schools, mentioning the ways we're adapting our approach to school engagement in the light of the current pandemic

Next time, we hope to continue the conversation with Ash (Hindu) who teaches at a local secondary school and has recently joined SACRE.  There is some discussion about drawing students into the conversation too.  The twilight meeting will take place online in February (tbc)


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