Sue is the regional lead for the North-East region. 

The North-East region

The North-East Region of AREIAC covers the area north of the Humber and up to Newcastle and East of the Pennines.

"At our last meeting we discussed 'decolonising' the RE Curriculum, following on from a Zoom Meeting we held in July to ask where next with Religions and Worldviews? RE privileges some religions and denominations largely due to Colonial history and our subsequent structural racism, and where RE fails to examine and challenge that heritage, it will only propagate those structures. 

We have been looking at the way we can help teachers to interrogate RE and the frameworks it lies within. Our next meeting will be on online on Monday 2nd November, from 4pm, and will feature contributions from Wendy (Buddhist) and Ash (Hindu) in a continuing conversation about RE and its engagement with faith communities as we attempt to make sense of our subject in a post-colonial and post CoRE world. We will alo be extending a warm welcome to Katie Gooch, who has been spearheading some approaches to the teaching of worldviews in her own school". 

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