Sue is the regional lead for the North-East region. 

The North-East region

The North-East Region of AREIAC covers the area north of the Humber and up to Newcastle and East of the Pennines.

The next meeting for the North-East region is on Monday July 13th, 2020, at Betty's in York


The meeting of the North East AREIAC group was held on Tuesday, 3 March at Betty’s Tea Rooms in York, a central venue between Hull, the East Coast and Durham.

There were just four of us and we discussed lots of things. The rose tea, the food -the ‘fat rascals’ are delicious. Oh and of course the state of RE and the very important and unique place of AREIAC in the RE world. We shared our views and our hopes for the sustainability of AREIAC and the continuing development of new (and younger) leaders of RE and thought about what we can do – and are doing through the Pilot Leadership Programme - to support those in our region. We also pondered about how we can continue to draw on the expertise of some who may have ‘retired membership’ of AREIAC but still have a great heart for RE and a wealth of knowledge and experience to share and pass on.

At our last December meeting, we met with Kathryn Wright and heard about the latest Culham thinking and so next time we shall be talking about how we can link up with the CStG projects locally, including the RE Leadership programme, as our region is involved with the ongoing pilots.  We shall also be discussing research matters!

Members have been focusing on KS3/4 units written for the new Durham Agreed Syllabus.  The work was partially funded by Culham and the intention is to share it with other LAs.  We also invited Kathryn Wright in our last meeting to catch the vision that Culham has for future partnership working, including supporting the second phase of the pilot leadership programme for RE, with which some members have been involved over the last 2 years






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