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Support for members working during the COVID-19 isolation 

Working and supporting colleagues during this time will be difficult and complex for colleagues. Below are some links to support materials and ways of working  during this time. If you have any technology related enquires then the AREIAC support (Paul Hopkins) will try to answer you questions.


Mail him at

Video conferencing options

If you are wanting to video conference with colleagues there are a number of options - though this will depend on the quality of internet connection at both your end and the recipient.


  • Skype is a free application from Microsoft. You need to sign up for an account and choose a username that you can then share with others (who must also have installed the Skype application). You can have 1-1 meetings or group meetings You can have video meetings or just audio.

  • Zoom is a freemium application that gives you 40 mins meetings for free (there are paid options for longer meetings). Again you need to create a user account and then you can invite others to the meeting. They can join via the web.

  • FaceTime is a Apple (Mac) application which you can install on your iPhone or your iPad - you can then communicate via the internet with others on the FaceTime application. Video or Audio. Download the application from the App Store.

  • WhatsApp is an application (Apple or Android) which you can install on your smartphone or tablet. You need to then contact the recipient who also needs to have installed the application, and add them to your WhatsApp contacts. You can then make video calls. Download the application from the App Store or from Google Play.

  • Microsoft Teams is a chat, video and collaborate suite - there is a free version or you can upgrade for this to work alongside Office 365.

Sharing resources / on-line

You may also want to share resource or work collaboratively on-line. 


  • Google Drive is a free service from Google. You need to have a Google Account and then you can share documents
    spreadsheets, presentations or just files on-line. These can be shared openly or with specific people. More on this

  • iCloud is a service from Apple that allows you to share files. There is a free allowance of 5GB - you can then buy more space is you need this - 50GB is only £0.79 per month. More on this.

  • One Drive is a service from Microsoft that allows file sharing. There is a free allowance of 5GB - you can then buy more space - £1.59 for 100GB. More on this.

Making videos

You might want to consider making some video support materials to offer support and advice - there are a couple of reasonably easy options:


  • Narrated Presentations - both Keynote (Apple only) or Powerpoint allow you to put a voice narration over the top of your slides, this can be a useful way of sharing your advice support. For tutorials on this: Keynote / Powerpoint

  • You Tube video - if you have a laptop / desktop with a camera then it is reasonably easy to make a 'talking head' video using Quicktime for Apple or Windows Movie Maker for PC - you can then upload these to YouTube (you need to have a Google Account to do this). Tutorial on uploading video to YouTube.

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