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RE and the English Baccalaurate

RE and the EBacc: It is hard to over emphasise the importance of the EBacc to RE. For some links and references:

  • Are you an ebac failure? - link
  • Cameron under pressure: Article in the TES re the RE:ACT campaign to get RE in the EBacc - link
  • EBac: Nick Gibb appears before the House of Commons Select Committee - link
  • Ebacc is more pressure on children and parents: Article in the Guardian by Fiona Millar - link
  • Archbishop of Birmingham: A report on a speech by the Catholic leader - link
  • Daily Politics Soapbox: MG Harris on Baccalaureate plan - link
  • Yorkshire Head: calls for abandonment of the Ebac - link
  • Guardian Article: GCSE arts choice cut blamed on push for English baccalaureate - link
  • An Early Day Motion: About RE and the Ebac by Stephen Lloyd (Lib) - link
  • Press TV: UK warned against neglecting religion [23/1/11] - link
  • Guardian article: Secular society cannot afford to marginalise RE [23/1/11] - link
  • Religion must be in EB: An article in the Observer [23/1/11] - link
  • Any Answers [21/1/11] listen to 17:58 to 18:44
  • TES article [21/1/11] - link and YouGov survey
  • Hodder: Support from the publisher - link
  • SSAT supports RE: John Townsley's letter to the DfE - read
  • Divided Opinions: A range of views - link
  • Any Questions: The Ebacc from 10:45 to 22:20 - link [14/1/11] available until 20/1/11 - link
  • Question Time: Question on the Ebacc from 36:30 to 52:34 [14/1/11] available until 20/1/11 - link
  • From the BBC website: RE teachers hope for English Baccalaureate changes - link [14/1/11]
  • From the Press Association: Gove 'may revisit' Baccalaureate - link [14/1/11]
  • Kevin Brennan on the EBacc - link [14/1/11]
  • League Tables including EBacc - link [ 10/1/11]

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