AREIAC is an organisation for specialist educationalists, providing advice, challenge, leadership, training and support for multi-faith religious education in schools and colleges. It has an organising committee and regional groups which meet to develop resources, support teachers and lobby government for excellent religious education.

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May, 2018

  • CHRISTIAN: Christian Aid Week, 13th-19th
  • MUSLIM: Ramadan, 16th May - 14th June
  • JEWISH: Shavuot, 20th
  • CHRISTIAN: Pentecost / Whit Sunday, 20th
  • BAHA'I: Ann. of the declaration of the Bab, 23rd
  • ZOROASTRIAN: Zaratosht No Diso, 24th
  • CHRISTAIN: Trinity Sunday, 27th
  • CHRISTAIN: Pentecost (Orthodox), 27th
  • BUDDHIST: Vesakha Puja,/ Wesak 29th
  • BAHA'I: Ann. of the ascension of the Baha'u'llah, 29th
  • CHRISTIAN: Day of thanksgiving for the institution of Holy Communtion, 31st

The dates for the events are provided by the Shap Working Party - order your own festival wallchart

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